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No 689 Steinbach Nutcracker Scribe


Do you know an advocate? If not, then youíll meet him at the latest when he presents his bill. Itís always such a happy matter when you have something to do with an attorney.  The question of rights has been a matter of luck since Biblical times. Jesus sits on Godís right. A guest sits to the right of his host, and the Catholic priest even now walks onto the altar with his right foot first. Thatís why being rig ht and getting oneís right are two different things according to a wise old saying. The old town scribe knew that. There was the procurator (party clerks) and the advocate (legal adviser). In the Germany of old these expert writers had such a neat, precise and even handwriting the German script of course. Nowadays grandchildren are not able to read what their grandparents wrote. They normally only learn the Latin script at school. 

So how pleased I am to be able to fluently read the tip-top elegant handwriting of my grandmother in personal and commercial letters as well as book-keeping. Many people with a mucky scrawl these days should take a leaf out of her book!


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