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No 690 Steinbach Nutcracker Bricklayer


Building a house can be a joy but I didnít know it was so dear, o boy! God save me for ever from bricklayers and carpentries!  

That is an apt saying which decorates many a house in Germany and with which all clients would no doubt agree. So a genuine bricklayer over here does as much as he can himself. In the South for the Swabians the phrase: schaffe schaffe Hšusle baue is virtually the be all and end all of life. They simply must build their own house. A bit of German virtue is contained in that and itís not possible if you have two left hands. The world was amazed when we rebuilt a new, more beautiful Germany after the 2nd world war out of the ruined towns and villages. The women pounded stones, the men laid the bricks, did the carpentry and laid the tiles and the whole family decorated the house. Then you must have a nice front garden with colourful flowers, bushes and trees. Thatís our home again. 

Three cheers for our house builder!


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