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No 691 Steinbach Nutcracker Clockmaker


In Germany the old clockmaker from the Black forest scoffs go to the cuckoo... when the weight chain came off its mechanism yet again. Thatís the problem with the world famous cuckoo clocks you see. 

These very special hand-made Black forest clocks are sold all over the world. Their characteristics are two whistles with two small pairs of bellows which are pressed together shortly after one another by the weight on the chain. The speed of this sequence is regulated in this kind of clock by a wind wing. It is not so easy to become a real clockmaker. 3 1/2 to 4 years are necessary to become a journeyman. To become a master clockmaker you have to go to one of the special master schools. The people from the Black forest usually go to the school in Schwenningen. 

The days when the cuckoo clocks were carried on their back panniers over the mountains have long since gone but a piece of this old romance is still alive in the Black forest clockmaker today.


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