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No 692 Steinbach Nutcracker Golfer


Golf is a game for refined people. A golf club costs time and money ó and thatís what refined people have. The originally Scottish national game has spread via England and the USA all over the world. 

The little white golf ball with its rubber center is hit around the golf course which is usually about 50 hectares (125 acres) by the 14 permitted clubs. 18 holes with wooden cylinders that are exactly 10.8 cm in diameter are the targets for the golf ball on the 18 greens. Fairways alternate with rough, framed by trees and bushes also ditches and streams, as well as a few artificially laid obstacles often filled with sand. You must try to be under par at each hole. For a small country like Germany itís a game for dreams as we only have land and room for a proper 18 hole course in a few places. We usually have a 9hole course and just play it twice! The Golfer nutcracker will bring you luck!  So, letís go!


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