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No 693 Steinbach Nutcracker Toymaker


In many places among them Nuremberg and Dresden there are impressive toy museums nowadays. Things that were really meant for the pleasure of children, loved and worn out, by generations are brought together. Then, as now the toys were manufactured by toymakers but father would like to do it too. 

You can see wonderful toys there which let the play instinct run its own course and do justice to the fantasy of the child. In Germany more than 80 % of the toy manufacturers are established in the South these days, but the Thüringer Wald, Erzgebirge and Harz are still an important center for the fine wooden toys. An expert wooden toymaker must combine many different crafts. He has to be a joiner, turner, carver, painter and fix it together all in one. Then you will get a really fiery rocking horse like this one here put a few wheels on it and every boy who’s good can go off to the playground with it. They like a bit of fun too the toymakers. Just press the paint pot! Do your hear anything?


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