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No 694 Steinbach Nutcracker Lumberjack


 Just as a miner gets his minerals from the depths of the earth the Lumberjack fetches his wood from the darkness of the forests. Thatís not so easy, and many a Lumberjack has been killed by falling trees.  The giants of the forest defend himselves says the trusting forester. He must understand his craft. Thereís the coarse wood (with a bark over 7 cm) and under that itís brushwood. Wood of longer use are trunks which have a diameter of over 14 cm above the thick end. The diameter determines the value of the wood. Grade  must be healthy and free of knots, grad B healthy with slight blemishes. C is strong but knotty,D is hardly suitable. In this way the wood is sorted out already in the forest and identified (as shown in the booklet) with the marking hammer. 

The raw material wood has so many different uses. We need it everywhere as furniture, in our pits, as paper and for musical instruments as well for our lathes, staves or parquets.

 Our nutcracker wood here comes from Germany. We ourselves or our saw millers buy it at auctions in the forest and for a good schnaps the Lumberjacks sometimes reveal to us where a particularly good quantity is. The wood is all important for us after all!


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