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No 696 Steinbach Nutcracker Old Woodturner on the Lathe

Old Woodturner on the Lathe 

The craft of turning on a lathe is an ancient one. House and kitchen tools, fancy goods, pipes, sticks and buttons, but also pillars and pieces of furniture are manufactured in this way. Wood, metal, horn, ivory, amber, mother of pearl, bone and synthetic materials are all turned. 

Our nutcracker here is standing at a very old wooden lathe. It is equipped with a foot rotary load and a large flywheel just like the real thing. Right, and what is being turned? A little nutcracker of course! Lathes like this used to be the proud hobby at princely courts. After all itís best to make an especially fine piece yourself with loving care from the best wood.  Of course we say: fleither you can or you canít do it!Ē Now itís become simpler and more modern. Weíve long since said goodbye to foot, rope or transmission powered methods. Many techniques of different kinds of turning, drilling and cutting are done now for us by process-controlled machines.  

But no one at our firm can operate such a machine without having learnt the rare craft of wood-turning beforehand. 

Thatís just what makes our nutcrackers so fine!


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