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No 697 Steinbach Nutcracker Columbus


Itíll be a great anniversary in 1992 when justc 500 years will have passed since Christopher Columbus officially discovered the New World.

The deeds of the Vikings (Erick the Red) who sailed to America in 1000 A. D. were forgotten. 

Columbus who allegedly came from Genua (though this is disputed) came to Spain via Lisbon. He agreed terms with Queen Isa- belle and Ferdinand II over the preparation of three ships. The Italian astronomer Toscanelli had just drawn up a map where the distance between Europe and the East of Asia appeared much too short. Columbus knew nothing about America ó he was searching for the Western route to India. He had been at sea for 70 days ó his crew were beginning to grumble, when suddenly land ahoy!

Columbus believed till his death that he had discovered the Western route to India. The Central American islands are called the West Indies for that reason.

However Columbus received nothing from his contractual rights.  Rank as Grand Admiral, 1/10 of all trading revenue, Viceroy. 

Columbus remorselessly brought the Catholic faith to America, but dissatisfied settlers and pirates sent him back to Spain to Queen Isabelle in chains.


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