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No 698 Steinbach Nutcracker King Wilhelm

King Wilhelm 

Wilhelm is a common name among princes, kings and even emperors. Among the Germans Wilhelm I King of Prussia 1797-1888  is especially well-known. As Prince he fought the unsuccessful revolution of 1848 which earned him the nickname Kartatschen-Prince (case-shot) and a temporary escape to England. He had to give up the love of his youth, Princess Radziwill, in favour of Augusta von Sachsen-Weimar, a very liberal and tolerant princess. 

As King of Prussia (1862) the “New Era” began for him. He appointed Otto von Bismarck as Chancellor — he proposed universal, equal and direct elections for the first time. In his lifetime Prussia extended its power with a conciliatory attitude towards its neighbour states. The communal victory of German armies brought the crowning of King Wilhelm I. as German Emperor in the castle of Versailles and with it the German Fatherland which had been desired for such a long time, true to Bismarck’s motto: Patriae lnserviendo Consumor which means I am consumed in the service of the Fatherland.


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