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No 699 Steinbach Nutcracker Fireman

The Fireman 

Hello, I am the Fireman. Needles, scissors and fire the three things that young children shouldnít play with: but have no fear, for I keep an eye out for situations just like this. Itís not only young children who need my either, my services are available to everyone and Iíll be there quick as a flash! 

There are sometimes critical situations in life when itís comforting to know that you can rely on your own fireman. We carry out our duties voluntarily and unselfishly, watching out for the danger of fire and other misfortunes of life. 

In our German villages we are proud that we still get enough young men who volunteer for the fire brigade and carry out unselfish work year after yearójust like their fathers and grandfathers before them. In many places the fire brigade are celebrating their 100th or even 150th anniversary. 

Protected by my helmet I am able to put out some mighty big fires. The next problem, however, is my own enormous thirst that must be quenched after the fire has been extinguished. I can open my mouth very wide and this helps me to solve this problem immediately with a few liters of German beer. 

Donít forget then I am ready, willing and able to help you in any dangerous situation!


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