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No 700 Steinbach Nutcracker Cowboy

The Cowboy 

Hello, I am the Cowboy. 

I donít have to tell you about cowboys, do I? Here is what we in Germany think:

 Before the turn of the century there were excellent riders on half- wild mustangs all over the American west looking after enormous cattle herds.  They know how to breed quarter-horses out of their legendary cow-ponies and they knew a thing or two about Kentucky-saddlers and Tennessee-walking-horses. 

Today there are many clubs where cowboys behave like gunmen and demonstrate their skill with the lasso. 

In former times it really was hard work to be a cowboy and only men in good condition and with good health could do the job at all. They were poor but happy in a way and if you look at your Cowboy-Nutcracker you should realize this fact and try to be content with yourself and your world. 

Whenever we in Germany are visited by the people from Texas wearing their five gallon hats, then we believe we have seen a real cowboy. ó But there is more to a cowboy than just this hat.


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