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No 701 Steinbach Nutcracker Chopin


I was once on vacation in summer in Valdemossa in Majorca. There stood the old piano that had been used by Frederic Chopin. The old monastery has as museum property a lot of pieces of music on manuscript paper — (polonaise — mazurka — cracowiak, waltzes), a plaster cast of his delicate hand is also kept there. 

The musical genius lived from 1810— 1849, and for health reasons he spent several years on Majorca with his girlfriend George Sand. 

Chopin’s father was a French diplomat in Warsaw, his mother was Polish. His body was buried in Paris, but his heart came to Warsaw, where today in a beautiful park there is an artistic memorial to the composer whose music is said to have a fragrant lightness. Great music festivals take place every year in honour of the master. 

Our nutcracker has been made exactly in the light relaxed PolishSlavian dancing style. You can turn the figure and piano to whatever position you like. To live like the Poles means in a relaxed way with the zestful mood of enjoyment of our time!


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