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No 705 Steinbach Nutcracker Drummer

Hello, I am the Drummer. 

I am one of the famous drummer-boys who lived 350 years ago. I am proud of my uniform which symbolized in those days that I was one of the kingís men. When people heard the beat of my drum and the sound of the trumpet of my fellow musketeer they came running from everywhere to see us, females first of all. But we looked for young men because it was our job to make publicity for the musketeer-troops. 

We promised heaps of eating and drinking and we always had lots of poor devils willing to join us. It surely was not funny to fight in my days, but thank God we most of the time marched from one place to another singing and drinking beer being merry and chipper. These days drummers are seldom to be seen. But in the part of Germany where I am made out of wood, here in Lower Saxony, rider and riflemenís clubs are to be found in every village. And just before the meetings held every year they need us the drummers. We step through the streets and announce the coming event with the beats of our drums.

Unfortunately the most important thing that was the custom in my days is no longer valid. I remember when my friends, who were riflemen as well, came to the meeting and one of them had proved to be the best, he was freed from all taxes. We had a law in force, giving tax exemption to the best rifleman for one year. 

That was why in my days everybody tried to be the best shot - and so we were all good shots exercising all year long.


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