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No 706 Steinbach Nutcracker Hunter

The Hunter 

Hello, this is the Hunter. 

As you know there are many different kinds of hunter in the world some women are called manhunters. We mean, however, this fellow in the green jacket, who sometimes has to hunt animals, but whose main concern is with the preservation and care of all kinds of wildlife and he is devoted to this. 

For this reason he is respected by nature lovers who see him as a symbol for the upkeep of the countryside and its traditions. Our hunter is also a jolly figure who enjoys his beer and is always ready with a story, a song or a tune. 

On the other hand he is just as happy when sitting in the forest contemplating nature being able to relax and get away from the stress of modern-day life. 

He is one of the old guard in Germany, upright and honourable! His regards he sends with the traditional: Horrido!


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