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No 707 Steinbach Nutcracker Chimney Sweep

The Chimney Sweep 

Hello, I am the Chimney Sweep. 

When I walk through the town everybody recognizes me from my traditional costume which has remained unchanged after centuries: a black top hat and a black suit. I carry a ladder, a broom and a steel ball. Although most chimneys are accessible nowadays by the attic, so I do not need a ladder, it is part of our traditional tools. I am always sooty, yet all the girls like a kiss from me, and they do not mind a little good rubbing off on them as well. It is old belief that this will bring good luck. 

Around Christmas time and at the beginning of the New Year, I grab a little piggy and mingle with guests at restaurants and hotels, and whoever manages to touch me will be lucky all the year. 

The STEINBACH-family also touched me, the Chimney Sweep, a long time ago. I have been a symbol of luck for STEINBACH for 4 generations and I will the same for you! 

I am happy to say that I am one of the 3 symbols of the STEINBACH international Trade marks.


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