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No 708 Steinbach Nutcracker Bavarian

A real Bavarian 

Hello, I am a real Bavarian. Welcome to the Octoberlest in Munich! You will have no trouble finding me in my traditional costume selling souvenir hearts. 

The first Octoberfest took place in 1810 to celebrate a Bavarian royal wedding. It was held on the vast Theresienwiese, named after the bride. 

The 15 days long festival has been held here every year since then and it is now famous all over the world. The fantastic climax of the festivities is always on the first Sunday in October. You will find many typical Bavarian specialities here like grilled fish, weisswurst, white radishes and above all, of course, the Octoberfestbeer! served up in those massive litre stems. All this creates our unique atmosphere where everyone is merry, full of fun and intoxicated by the music. 

Everybody is welcome to come and sample the delights of our fest, even our friends, the Prussians, and the Amis too! There is only one condition.  You must join with the fun!


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