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No 711 Steinbach Nutcracker King's Beefeater

The King’s Beefeater 

Hello, I am the King’s Guard. 

Living or made of wood? That was once the question in London when a young and inquisitive girl came to see the guards for the first time and saw them standing stiff as a poker. They are all fine young men in their uniforms and every day at half past eleven a.m. exactly they start moving. Then comes the changing of the guard and it is a traditionally exercised ceremony. Step by step it is drilled exactly. After changing the men stand as still as a statue and look straight ahead, motionless. 

But one day our inquisitive girl tiptoed to the guard-house. With her sharp shoe she stepped hard on the soldier’s shoe. 

And what do you think happened? She got the shock of her life. The soldier moved quickly and stepped with his boot on her little shoe. This of course was absolutely against the strict order not to move on duty. But the wise Queen decided this case in the following way:  The insubordinate soldier must marry the young girl! Since that time it is in the custom not to step on “young ladies” feet, except if you intend to end up as her husband.


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