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No 712 Steinbach Nutcracker The Old King

Hello, I am the King. 

Originally the king was selected by acclamation. The strongest and most intelligent man was searched for in games, fights and tests of courage. Being the king this man was given divine reverence. 

Later on kings were appointed by popes and emperors. In former times the king called himself first among equals. And so let it be with the king in your nutcracker collection. The king was at all times responsible for the welfare, health and happiness of his people even the customs officer could turn a blind eye when the king came through Every day at midnight your nutcracker comes to life for a couple of seconds and whispers: hail to thee! That gives you power, strength and health. You have to do just one thing: you must believe it! 

In Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann’s wonderful picture book of 1851 the king introduces himself like this: King Nutcracker is my name, cracking nuts that’s my game, sweet ones they go down well, but I throw you the shell, because I am the King!


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