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No 722 Steinbach Nutcracker Musketeer Aramis

The Three Musketeers 

This story is an exciting and fascinating adventure that takes place in France during the 17th century and was written by Alexandre Dumas (1802—1870). 

The three inseparable adventurers are named Athos, Porthos and Aramis, who fight for their King Louis XIII against Cardinal Richelieu. D’Artagnan heroically joins this dueling trio as the fourth member of the band. 

One for all and all for ones is the motto of the King’s Three Musketeers. Countless films made this threesome famous throughout the world. As always, a beautiful woman is at the center of the story. In this case, it is the Austrian born Queen Anna. She presents her beloved Buckingham a gift of twelve diamond pins, which actually had been given to her as a gift from the king. Cardinal Richelieu, the antagonist and influential counsellor at the court, sees in this act a singular opportunity to expose her and bring about her downfall. He suggests to the king to hold a great festive palace ball and to have Queen Anna wearing her jewelery, the twelve diamond pins. 

And so the musketeers’ mission becomes a mad race against time to get the pins back in time. Our gallant heroes accomplish this adventure, in spite of the many hurdles that Cardinal Richelieu places in their way. The whole game becomes very expensive for him, as he is forced to contribute two additional diamond pins. The Queen winds up with fourteen diamond pins at the palace ball instead of twelve. 

But whatever became of the courageous musketeers? D’Artagnan was promoted to Lieutenant, Porthos married a wealthy widow, Aramis entered the cloister in Lorraine and Athos left the service of the king upon coming into a small inheritance.


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