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No 731 Steinbach Nutcracker Viking

The Viking 

Hello, I am the Viking. 

It is generally thought that Christopher Columbus, as Spaniard, discovered America in 1492. As a matter of fact, however, it was the Vikings (Normans) with their characteristic dragon-like ships made of oak. The famous battle shelds which hung outside served to raise the Dollbord. These magnificent vikings set off on their faroff journeys from the European North Sea coast, Denmark and Scandinavia to fight wars and make trade. 

Eric the Red came to )Vinland (now North America) via Iceland in 982. Leif Erikson followed in 1000. What a fantastic achievement to cross the Atlantic with a combination of sailing and rowing boats! 

But the Vikings also advanced to the south and east, as wel as west. Sicily, Southern Italy and Lombardy were all firmly in their grip. In the east there are settlements and towns all along the Baltic Sea coast. 

The Vikings founded the dominion Nowgorod and in 864 Kiew on the Dnjepr. They travelled down the Volgato the Caspian Sea and even as far as Baghdad. 

Your Viking-nutcracker promises you also such wonderful and successful voyages.


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