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No 732 Steinbach Nutcracker The Berliner Organ Grinder

The Berliner 

The Berlin Organ Grinder is a precious reminder of the good old days of Old Germany. These were the happier and simpler times before the two World Wars known as the Wilhelmian Era. Like a Pied Piper, the organ grinder would draw a crowd wherever he performed his enchanting street music and would charm and delight young and old alike with the help of his little monkey friend. 

For a nominal gratuity of only a pfennigc or two, the man with the natty top and bright red festive jacket would put on quite a show! I happen to know a good many people, who remember the organ grinder from the golden days of their youth and actually have a hand crank organ at home. They find the sound of the organ pipes captivating and have discovered itís a great way to liven things up when they entertaining their guests. Yes, the hand organ, also known as a barrel organ or hurdy-gurdy, is indeed an old instrument that has been on the streets of Europe since around 1700. Yet it brings out the child in all of us and even today fascinates young and old alike. I feel certain that our delightful Berlin Organ Grinder will have the very same effect on you.


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