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No 733 Steinbach Nutcracker Pet-Pastry-Baker


Old books that are now greatly in demand, interestingly enough often turn out to be cookbooks written for pastry-chefs or bakers. Even in the Middle Ages sweet delicacies represented the final masterstroke in making a festive banquet truly complete.

Certainly you’ve been to a Chinese restaurant at least once in your life. Do you remember what always comes at the end of the meal without your even ordering it? It’s those specially baked thin little waffle-type confections known as fortune cookies of course! They are usually served in a little dish from which you pick out a cookie and crack it open to discover the little prophecy baked inside that tells you: “Your day will be filled with happiness and good fortune! 

Now take a look at our little pet-pastry-baker and peak under the lid to see what he’s served up this time! And what do you see? A delightful surprise of a tiny little mousie with a red heart that somehow managed to get into the goodies and is sure to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day. Remember always to be kind to your pastry-baker because:  He loves you very much indeed.


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