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No 734 Steinbach Nutcracker The Czar of Russia

The  Czar of Russia

Extravagant festivities and the splendor of gold, silver and brilliant enamels all belonged to the special world of the Russian Czars. Their vast realm yielded all the treasures of the earth. Rich sable- furs, as well as precious green emeralds, red rubies, blue sapphires and yellow topaz, and of course, magnificent diamonds and iridescent pearls decorated their robes, weapons and accessories. 

The Russian Czar wore his specially constructed crown with pride, for like a Caesar or a Kaiser, his authority was absolute, and his crown was the symbol of that authority. Even kings were his subjects in this vast land that stretched from Europe to Asia and, at one time, included even part of North America. Yes, it seems almost unbelievable, but it is in fact true and historically documented that in the year 1867 the Czar of Russia sold the entire Territory of Alaska to the United States of America for a sum of 7.2 Million US-Dollars. 

Today the Czars are no more, but their memory lives on in this special handcrafted nutcracker tribute.


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