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No 735 Steinbach Nutcracker The Sea-Captain

The Sea-Captain 

Take us with you captain on your voyage, take us along so that we can see the whole wide world.. . This is a famous and very popular song that we here in Germany sing when we dream of far away lands, distant islands, exotic parts of the globe and of course, beautiful women. 

But to become a captain is not so easy, unless youíre only navigating a smaller pleasure craft for coastal or inland cruising. But the commander of a true ocean-going vessel who wants to undertake a grand ocean voyage is required to have an official captainís license issued by a state or federal agency. Like our captain here, he will need to know how to operate a sextant for navigational purposes. By hand and with the use of an observational scope, he must care fully measure precise angles between two bearings or lines of sight with an exactness of within 10 degrees on the protactor.

But let us leave all of this up to the higher ranking officers. Because whether youíre a corvette-, frigate- or lieutenant-cornmander, youíll always be addressed as captain. Aye, Aye Sir!


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