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No 736 Steinbach Nutcracker Madame Pompadour

Madame Nutcracker

  Itís getting late and he just canít wait. Mr. Nutcracker needs to find a mate, A toothy partner who has the knack To open nuts with a great big Crack!  And offer them up for you to snack.  

Well we certainly created a mate for him, but we found it quite difficult and not altogether proper to give Mrs. Nutcracker the same big mouth that Mr. Nutcracker has. And besides, every woman wants to be fashionable and look like a lady. So we scouted out womenís fashions from Paris and just look at the neat new hat we found for her! 

While Madame Nutcracker smiles, her hat serves as a lever. In this way our little beauty can move her head up and down and swallow the nuts at the same time. Her folkloric dress is decorated with colorful bows and she carries a fashionable handbag making her appear simply captivating! 

Now I just hope that all the collectors in the U.S.A. wonít be screaming at me in chorus anymore demanding yet another Lady Nutcracker as we already do have Gertrude, the market lady and little Klara here in our book. Many years ago we had made a Xanthippec, but nowadays women seem to look so much prettier.


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