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The Charcoal Maker 

Back in my boyhood days there were still charcoal makers that plied their trade in the immense forests along the border areas of our land. These were men who manufactured charcoal manually. It took quite sometime before the wood for such a charcoal kiln or Meilercc as these burning “stations” were called was gathered and fully assembled. First, a kind of chimney was constructed in the middle of this large pile of wood from long wooden posts. This was the actual fire pit or shaft which was needed for the burning process and which was then later ignited. The yardlong logs were carefully stacked in layers like bowling pins around the chimney shaft. Then the charcoal maker would cover up the wood pile with green sod and undergrowth from the forest floor. To regulate the charring process, holes were every now and again stabbed into this external covering. 

A Charcoal kiln such as this would smoke for days, and the charcoal maker, all black with soot, would wait to collect his charcoal “harvest”. The resulting charcoal usually weighed about 1/4 of the weight of the original wood. A charcoal maker had of course a lot of time on his hands and while he was waiting, he could build his “revolving turret and allow the rising heat from the charcoal to turn it. 

Today we deliver the unusable waste-wood from our workshops for the industrial production of charcoal. At your next backyard barbecue, you ought to take a closer look at the charcoal You might recognize our wood-remnants, which after all, come from the choicest of aged woods.


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