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No 855 Steinbach Nutcracker The Rothenburger Guard

The Policemen of Rothenburg 

Many tour buses from America and Japan travel along the Romantic Road and make a rest stop in Rothenburg on the Tauber. It is the only medieval city in Germany that remained unscathed during World War II. 

You can still walk all around atop the ancient city walls with its battlements and watchtowers. From above, you have a wonderful view of the Tauber Valley and of the beautifully cultivated city parks and gardens. Most of the many tourists who visit Rothen burg visit a client of ours named Käthe Wohlfahrt because of her incomparably unique gift store. The city along with Mr. Wohlfahrt insisted on once again having the local city soldier-police marching up and down the streets and alleyways all dressed up in authentic medieval uniforms. They are not the only ones keeping a watchful eye to make sure that nobody slips something in their bag that they haven’t paid for. Our policeman nutcrackers are standing guard as well!


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