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No 858 Steinbach Nutcracker Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter + White Rabbit 

Phantasmagorical wisps of aromatic and magical fragrances arise from the strange cup of tea of our droll hatmaker character taken from the classic childrenís tale known as Alice in Wonderland. The sign on his hat indicates that he sells his goods in this case, the self-made hats  directly from his head. 

The constant companion of all the animal characters personified in this tale is the white rabbit. Always nimble, swift and on the go, he is nevertheless always running a bit late and runs ahead of Alice right into an enormous rabbit hole. In a dream sequence, Alice floats in a slow-motion free-fall through the labyrinthine rabbit- burrows of the world into a wondrous fairytale garden. She can magically become either large or small in her dream world. Itís really almost a shame that she finds her way back to the world of reality. But our imagination is the only paradise, that no one can drive us out of! 

The author of Aliceís Adventures in Wonderland was the eternal bachelor Lewis Carroll (his pen name) from Oxford, who lived from 1832 to 1898. He was always fond of children and enjoyed writing letters to young girls. The above story was actually a Christmas present for a young girl named Alice.


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