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No 866 Steinbach Nutcracker Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson 

The visitor to Washington canít help but notice the green-tinted dome of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial which honors the 3rd president of the United States (1801  1809). It is a huge, larger than life-size statue cast in bronze. You can also see Thomas Jefferson on numerous pictures in the many government buildings. With his ever-present red vest and his Irish red hair, he is easy to pick out. You can still visit his home in Monticello, Virginia, which is still in its original fully furnished state.

Jefferson is considered to be the most decisive author of the American Declaration of Independence of July 4th, 1776, as well as one of its original signers. He believed in a strict separation of church and state and was of the opinion that social privileges were to be done away with. His political thought could be characterized as agrarian- middle class and was strongly influenced by his years serving as the ambassador to France from 1785 to 1789. With great skill, he organized an opposition party against the newly formed Federalist party of his time. In so doing, he became the founder of todayís Democratic party. In the year 1800 Jefferson won the election. As president he thought to achieve harmony in internal matters and neutrality, albeit with limited success, in external matters. 

There is no disputing the fact however, that Thomas Jefferson was a statesman with great foresight.


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