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No 868 Steinbach Nutcracker Studebaker


On the occasion of the Collectorsí Exhibition in South Bend, Indiana, the K. S. Adler Company of New York held a dinner party for all their guests and staff at their exhibition booth, after which we were then invited to the Studebaker Villa. Today this home is a designated national landmark and is open to the public for tours. There arenít many of us old-timers who havenít heard of the famous Studebaker Brothers (there were five of them). They were automobile pioneers in the United States, just like Daimler and Benz in Germany. 

The U.S. Army still used thousands of these heavy Studebaker trucks right into World War II. Whenever we managed to seize one of them, we couldínt drive them very long because they consumed enormous amounts of our scarce gasoline supplies. One of the Studebaker brothers pictured in the elegantly furnished villa would provide some rather serious competition for all of our nutcrackers because of his enormous beard. In the year 1954, the famous Studebaker Company became part of the Packard Corporation as a result of a merger. But our Studebaker nutcracker brings back memories of the good old days of the classic cars!


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