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No 874 Steinbach Nutcracker Ceasar


Anyone who has ever studied the classics at the university level is familiar with the difficulties we had in translating Caesar’s seven campaign journals De Bello Gallicoc from Latin. 

Caesar led many expeditions, but none beyond the Rhine to the East, which is why his knowledge of the Germanic tribes East of the Rhine appears quite amusing and almost fairytale-like. As a general and statesman he enjoyed the lifestyle and the power of a king 100 years B.C. and he was murdered by Brutus in 44 B.C. We are indebted to this tremendous organizer even to the present day, for it was Caesar who established the Julian calendar (= 365Y days = 1 year). 

Of great interest also is his legendary love affair with the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. Her sojourn in Rome from the year 46 to 40 B.C. stirred up quite a bit of unrest, but also resulted in the birth of Cleopatra’s first son from Caesar, Caesario.  So it does indeed appear that throughout all of history, men have been taken in by the allure of a beautiful woman.


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