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No 879 Steinbach Nutcracker Hi Dad

Hi Dad!” and “Best Mom” 

Nobody thinks of their own parents as an ordinary couple. Your own parents are always thought of as the very best on earth! Our dad here is just in the process of raising his glass of beer a good German beer of course, tapped straight from the barrel! There’s always got to be a reason for a toast. Perhaps his Soccer Club just won the game, or maybe, he hit the bull’s eye at his rifleman’s club’s shooting competition, or possibly, he won a prize at the rabbit breeding association, or, his boss might have praised him today for a job well done. 

And let’s not forget our dear Mom. She never makes a big fuss about all the housework she has to do for the entire family, and she hardly ever complains. She cooks, does the wash, bakes wonderful delights for us and always serves up a special surprise on festive occasions. 

Just every recently though, there was a bit of an argument. This is what happened: Dad and his friend Frankie had a bit too much to drink on their last bowling outing. They both staggered home. Suddenly a car came racing by and slammed right into Frankie. Dad was alert enough and managed to avoid getting hit by jumping into a ditch. 

After Frankie’s funeral, mom and dad walked home in a pensive mood. Mom had found out about all the things that Frankie’s widow now stood to collect: A doubling of her life insurance benefits, a pension from the city and charitable contributions from the local gymnastics, sporting and singing societies. This was simply too much for mom. Consumed with envy, mom suddenly screamed at her husband: Just look how much he cared about his wife! and what did you go and do, you cowardly dog? You went and jumped into a ditch!


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