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No 886 Steinbach Nutcracker Genghis Khan


A legendary leader, he was the founder of the Mongolian Empire, whose territory stretched from Korea to the Ukraine. Born as the son of a small tribal prince, he gradually conquered all of the surrounding Mongolian and Turkish tribes. He lived from the year 1155 to 1227. He managed to unify the nomadic peoples in the Far East and formed an alliance which they entered into of their own accord. With his wild hordes thusly formed, he conquered Peking and large sections of northern China by 1215 and in 1219, proceeded to conquer Korea and northern Iran as well. 

His hordes pushed eastward past Caucasia deep into the Ukraine thereby becoming one of the greatest field generals and statesmen of history. His great empire was organized according to nomadic principles. But the Mongols were quick to assimilate the cultures of their vanquished foes and they granted religious tolerance to all. This created a very positive relationship among the various territories within the empire.

Genghis Khan was rather plain and unpretentious with regard to his personal needs. It is well known that he would place tough raw meat under the saddle of his horses for provisions at the outset of his expeditions which would become tender in the course of the journey. (The early origin of steak tartar!) 

A book about Genghis Khan was recommended reading for the officers corps of the old German army.


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