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There is no arguing in fact that Moses was one of the greatest religious founders in the history of the world. The story of Moses is handed down to us from the Old Testament of the Bible. It tells how Moses formed a convenant between God and the people of Israel based on the monotheistic belief in Yahweh. 

It also tells of how Moses was placed into a reed-basket on the river Nile as a newborn babe how he was discovered by the daughter of King Pharaoh and adopted by her. This is how Moses came to learn the wisdom of the ancient Egyptians. In the desert of the Madianites by the burning bush, God commanded him to lead the people of Israel out of slavery from Egypt to freedom. He promised them a new land where milk and honey flowed. This journey lasted over 40 years. The passage led them past Mount Sinai (Horeb), which Moses ascended alone. It was here that God gave to Moses the central tenets of the Old Testament: the Ten Commandments, thereby creating the social, cultural and moral code for the people of Israel. 

These Ten Commandments are still preserved to this day within Christianity although subject to a somewhat different interpretation according to the gospels. Dr. Martin Luther, one of the leaders of the Reformation placed less of an emphasis on the significance of the Ten Commandments. He disputed the notion that man could achieve salvation before God by only obeying the letter of the law of the Ten Commandments. For the Protestants, understanding the lessons taught in the Gospels, their significance and meaning, i. e. the spirit of the law, is believed to be more important for achieving salvation before God.


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