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No 896 Steinbach Nutcracker Scrooge


The great writer Charles Dickens lived in England at the time of the famous Queen Victoria, more than 150 years ago. You have to put yourself back into the time of the Industrial Revolution. The population was exploding and was unfortunately very rigidly divided into the haves and the have-nots. 

It was precisely about these conditions that Charles Dickens wrote in his tightly woven story entitled ‘A Christmas Carol”. The main character is old Scrooge. He was the sole proprietor of the firm Scrooge and Marley. Marley had died seven years earlier, which is why Scrooge now ran the business alone. He was a flinty, reclusive and taciturn individual who developed a reputation as being notoriously heartless, greedy and incredibly stingy. 

The only employee in his office was Bob Cratchit whom he paid a paltry wage of only 15 Shillings per week. This was all the money he earned to take care of his wife and three children, of which the youngest, Tiny Tim was very sick and could only walk with the aid of a crutch. 

In England in those days, there were of course all kinds of ghosts and spirits that roamed about in the famous English fog just as they do today. In the course of four chapters, Charles Dickens takes the reader through the misspent lifetime of Scrooge’s past with the help of the ghostly apparition of his earlier partner Marley. The sight of his own name “Ebenezer Scrooge” on his tombstone finally brings about a complete transformation in hardhearted old Uncle Scrooge. In the greeting ~Merry Christmas”, he suddenly recognizes the true meaning of Christmas and regains a sense of concern for his fellowman and a renewed desire to do good deeds. He joins in with all the people who find joy and happiness in the celebration of Christmas. Hardhearted old Scrooge becomes a concerned and loving man and a good boss to his employee Bob Cratchit and his familiy. He gives his full support and special care to Tiny Tim and they all lived happily ever after!



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