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No 898 Steinbach Nutcracker King Ludwig II

King Ludwig II (Limited Edition: 3.000) 

It has often been said that Genius and Madness are sometimes very closely related to one another. This still remains an open question with regard to King Ludwig II of Bavaria (1845 - 1886). There is still every reason however to admire this proud Bavarian. A very large part of the tourism trade owes its very existence to his famous legacy. His fairytale castles in Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee are enchanting tourist attraction. Never was the term King Size more appropriate than when referring to King Ludwig’s massive golden bed in Herrenchiemsee which took artisans three long years to complete. Indeed it staggers the imagination that on the lower floor of his castle he had a genuine swimming pool just like we have today. And he was a shrewd and crafty fellow as well old Ludwig II for he had a small secret spiral staircase there that led up to his golden bed! This secret staircase undoubtedly served an interesting purpose! 

And his Walhalla in Regensburg as well as the great musician Richard Wagner also cost Ludwig II vast sums of money. So much money in fact, that his contemporaries had him declared certifiably insane and drowned him along with his psychiatrist in a lake. This story is a bit too much for a true Bavarian to accept. For this reason there is today a King Ludwig II Society and a majestic procession in Augsburg every year to honor the memory of this beloved king.


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