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No 899 Steinbach Nutcracker Boy Scout

Boy Scout 

Created by our sculptor Uncle Moritz is a plaster figurine ready to be cast in bronze, and we’re keeping a watchful eye on it. On the base are engraved the opening lines of a well-known German folksong:  God bestows upon us his great favor by allowing us to experience this wonderful world He has created for us.  

This figurine portrays a young lad from the era of the German youth movement around 1900. It was from this movement that a group known as the “pathfinders”, better known internationally as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, were formed during the years surrounding World War I. It was in fact a global youth movement based on principles of independence and freedom, which sought to encourage a child to play a constructive role in society and to develop a well- rounded personality in tune with nature. 

Of the typical scout codes, the special promise to do a “good deed” every day is the most important. According to gender, the different organizations wear heraldic insignias: for boys, variations on the “Fleur de Lys” or lily, (the coat of arms of the French Bourbons), and for girls, the clover leaf. “Pathfinders” or Scouts are divided into different age groups: the Cub Scouts or )‘Wolf Cubs” (in Germany), from approximately 8 or 12 years; the Scouts from 12 to 16 years; the Juniors (in Germany) from 16 to 18 years and the Rangers (in Germany) over 18 years. In the U. S., the Explorers range from age 15 to 20. In Canada and Australia there is an additional Rover division for young men and women ages 18 to 24.

Jamborees, camping, biking and hiking trips were unforgettable experiences in my youth. Of course, at that time we belonged to the federated youth group, which was unfortunately dissolved in 1934 and integrated into the state youth movement. But you had no other choice back then but to belong to the state youth movement. Because we had more knowledge and knowhow from our earlier experience in the “federated” youth group, we of the “Old Guard” set the tone right up to the outbreak of World War II.


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