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No 903 Steinbach Nutcracker Herr Doctor


Herr Doctor 

A doctor is always a very respectable figure. When people hereabouts talk about their doctor, they’re simply referring to their family doctor. Everyone in our neighborhood has their own family doctor or attending physician. The waitingrooms are usually filled to the rafters. Whether a child has a little boo-boo, or a person is indeed experiencing serious pains, they all wind up having to pay the doctor a visit.

Since time immemorial, the procedure has always been the same: your blood pressure is taken, your pulse rate is checked and occasionally, a blood sample is taken to check the toxin, sugar and cholestorol levels. And a doctor doesn’t always have an easy time of it either. There are patients that are relaxed and calm, but there are some very jittery and nervous types as well. And for each type of individual and for every different kind of sickness, the doctor has to determine the right diagnosis. Sometimes a kind word will help more than a strong medicine. Good faith in the doctor goes a long way, but so does a good prescription. 

But it’s much worse in a hospital. There are so many doctors running around and you get the feeling that demi-gods in white rule the roost here. And the relationship here is not built on the same trust that you have in your own family doctor. And you often have to be lucky to wind up in the right hands too. But the doctors in the large hospitals really do some truly wondrous things. Operations and transplants have become almost routine. And advanced research is done here, which results in many doctors making ground-breaking discoveries.


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