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No 747 Steinbach Smoker The Shepherd

The Shepherd 

In northern Germany between the rivers Aller and Elbe is a vast area with heather called the “Luneburger Heide”. 

This is where the shepherd tends his flock, a special breed called “Heidschnucken”. The delightful lambs are born with a black coat that gradually changes to white over the years. Everyone, especially the children, loves them. 

The shepherd spends hours watching over his flock in all kinds of weather and their feeling of peace and tranquility is passed on to him. He seems to have a special affinity with nature as he patiently observes the clouds by day and the stars at night. In this way he is able to forecast the weather better than a trained meteorologist. Perhaps you know the saying: “Red sky at night, shepherds delight.”

But it is not only in such matters that our shepherd with these almost supernatural gifts can help people. - - If you have problems of love or want to know your future - - talk to our shepherd about it and he will provide the answer in his own mysterious way. All you have to do is interpret the signs and act upon them.


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