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No 750 Steinbach Smoker Bee Keeper

The Bee-Keeper 

Hello, I am the Bee-Keeper. 

The end of May when the bees swarm is my busiest time. When a colony gets too large, a second queen leaves the old hive and a lot of the members of the old colony follow her. Before they find a new home (like a hollow tree), they assemble as a cluster at a branch of a tree. This is the time to catch them with my net. I give them a home in an empty bee hive. 

Immediately they will start building their combs and filling them with honey which I harvest in the fall. From the combs we gain bees wax. Even the bee poison of their sting administered in doses is good against rheumatism and arthritis. Already the ancient Egyptians had domesticated the bees. 

While I do my work around the bees I smoke my pipe. They stay away from me, and I am not stung.


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