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No 751 Steinbach Smoker The Herbman

The Herbman 

Hello, I am the Herbman. 

Have you got any aches and pains? Can you feel any twinges in your back or feet? Iíve got something here that might be of help to you: The fat from a black poodle, the fur of a white cat, train-oil, fish-oil, herbs, ointment. 

All these things that were accepted in my grandmotherís age when the people still looked upon me as a proper doctor or pharmacist. Nowadays the academics say that I am a quack. But they are making a big mistake. Even the doctors nowadays cannot work without firmly believing in their medicine. And what do they know about the magic of the centaury on midsummer night?... 

Just try me - I can help you with all your aches and pains, maybe even bring you luck in the lottery and football pools!


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