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No 755 Steinbach Smoker The Grandpa

The Grandpa 

I didn’t have a grandpa, I had a grandfather. And how I adored him! People doffed their hats when they saw him and the workers respectfully took their orders from him.

My grandfather could make anything out of wood, paper or cardboard for us children: wind- and sandmills for the garden, revolting turrets, mountain-ash pipes toy-bows and above all blow-pipes out of elder wood which we then loaded with softened newspaper. My grandfather also had two medals - one from our king and one from the chamber of commerce and industry. At the fire-brigade festival he rode in a special carriage for “veterans” wearing them. Once, our king who had abdicated rode through the town in a black carriage and when he passed by my grandfather doffed his hat and shouted “HURRA”. He was also a supporter of the old man of gymnastics “Jah n” and until late in life hetookan active part in the gymnastics club, teaching meto respect the four maxims with F of the club: “Fit - Faithful - Festive - Free” 

My grandfather had a suitable rocking chair where he smoked his pipe and cigar much to grandmother’s annoyance and then he would tell stories about the good old days. What can you tell me about your grandfather?


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