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No 756 Steinbach Smoker The Grandma

The Grandma 

Hello, I am the Grandma. 

In fact we called her grandmother at home - and I suppose that varied from region to region in Germany. In any case, my grandmother was a stately figure - she walked upright like a dragoon-guard and at home she had complete authority. She was also much more refined than my grandfather who was rough and ready. My grandmother did the book-keeping for the business and her unerringly beautiful German handwriting was still very accurate even when she’d reached a great age. - “Up-and-down and a little dot on the top” that’s how we grandchildren learnt to write the “I” in the old German style.

I loved my grandmother,and it is a disgrace that her great-great-children are no longer able to read the old German writing of their ancestors. Whenever I could, especially in the school holidays, I would go and see my grandmother. She was so good and kind - like all grandmothers everywhere. Sometimes she would give us a penny for the fair. Whatever the problem was grandmother could solve it. This is in memory of her. Have you got a kind grandmother too? Then it’s in memory of her too - and now let her gently rock in her chair.


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