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No 757 Steinbach Smoker The Minnesinger

The Minnesinger 

Hello, I am a Minnesinger, 

and in case you do not know what that is I’ll tell you. “Minne” is an old Germanic word for love. So I am a singer about love. 

One might also say that we were the entertainers of the nobility during the 12th and 13th century. Being a nobleman myself, I wrote songs and rhymes about all those female idols that appeared in my dreams, and I - like some friends of mine -traveled to other places and castles where I performed my songs accompanying myself on self-made instruments. 

As we visited many important places, we certainly learned a lot of news that we brought along, too. In those days, there was no mail, no newspaper, and if news had to be sent, it was only possible through special messengers. So you see, everybody was also waiting for me just to hear something from the “outside world”. 

The most famous Minnesinger was Walther von der Vogelweide who turned his ballads into dances, and some of his tunes became so popular that they were the origin of many a folk song.


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