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No 760 Steinbach Smoker William Tell

William Tell 

“He has to come through this narrow alleyway”  this is a familiar quotation in German and especially in Switzerland. It means the waiting for an event to happen originally, the laying in wait of William Tell from the Swiss mountain village of Burglen  for the hated Habsburg governor Gessler. Gessler had forced Tell to shoot an apple off the head of his own son with his crossbow. The heroic huntsman accomplished this remarkable feat and all Swiss countrymen are proud of it to this day. Today, the stylized crossbow has become a trademark appearing on goods of Swiss origin indicating excellent quality. Gessler met his end in the narrow alleyway at Küssnacht. It was the beginning of the revolt of the people of Waldstätten against the Habsburgs. The crossbow of William Tell, superb precision and marksmanship and the ,Rütli-Schwur (the ancient oath taken by the Swiss in the town of Ruth to defend themselves against oppression), provide the very foundation of today’s Swiss confederation.


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