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No 764 Steinbach Smoker Old Freddy

Old Freddy 

Here in Germany “Old Freddy” is well known far beyond the boundaries of Prussia (Frederick the Great, king of Prussia 1740-1 786). We remember even now the strength and firmness of his personality, the brilliance of his military strategy, the virtues of a fair administration, his personal modesty and his biting wit and common sense. Yet the king also loved music and in particular his famous “TabakCollegium”. In his state everyone could be happy according to his religion and if a parson had doubts about resurrection of a body the king decree: “if he doesn’t want to get up on Judge ment Day, let him lie there”. When a young parson asked fora horse, Frederick quoted: “2 Samuel, Chap. 10, verse 5.” Stay at Jericho until your beard has grown -than come back-that’sto say, walk - don’t ride the world over preaching to all peoples. In 1769 Frederick the Great wrote in his will: “I warmly recommend my heirs not to send away any of the brave men who have worked under my command - all people who have given proof of their intelligence and loyalty. Moreover, I can render an account of the state’s revenue to the public without fear”. Nowadays that can serve as an example and that’s why we are fond of him, the “Old Man”. - Long may he be remembered! 60


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