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No 765 Steinbach Smoker Herzelina


When the old gamekeeper Jesussek from the manor EQUORD plays cards the trump card is called “HERZELINA”. From long experience he knows what he’s talking about, after all, a whole generation of the manor has grown up under his care. 

How times change! The “cute” little daughter of the manor soon became “sweetheart” and then “Miss”. Then when a dark-haired prince came along with whiskers and a lot of money, the still slim “Miss” sang tenderly: “You are my sweetheart” 

Yes, and how times do change: The husband is no longer “the most handsome” and “Miss” is no longer so slim either. And it sometimes happens that the “Old man” comes home a bit tipsy! In a flash out comes the carpet beater. Then you’ll see the Equord version of the “birdie dance”. 

Yes, “Herzelina”, the old girl, certainly now rulesthe roost. - - - Butthey live happily ever after. - Who rules the roost in your House? So, stick together men - these womenfolk are getting worse. Even in our company HERZELINA is ready to take over as boss if we don’t watch out.!


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