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No 766 Steinbach Smoker Santa on Sleigh

Santa on Sleigh 

Hello, I am Santa Claus. 

I am the patron saint of many professional groups, for example merchants, bakers, sailors and all the pupils who in Germany celebrate the 6th of December, “Santa Claus Day”. 

Boys and girls hang their stockings (Santa Claus Stockings) out of the window or put their shoes in front of the door. If the omnipotent Santa appears personally he asks the children if they have been good and honest and have behaved well all year long. Then the stockings and shoes are filled with nuts, sweets, candy and so on. But Santa Claus has a servant called “Knecht Ruprecht” who can, if he is told to do so by SantaClaus, beat the daylights out of those children who have been naughty and rude. He therefore has a big rod which the children remember all year long. Nowadays it is mostly Father Christmas who gives all the presents to our children. There are just a few families who remember the origins of the tradition celebrating Santa Claus Day. 

It was more than 1600 years ago that the bishop of Myra, called the Holy St. Nikolaus, gave away everything he had to help the poor. Your Santa Claus wishes you a happy and merry Christmas and wants you to be merry and gay all year long.


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