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No 767 Steinbach Smoker The Fisherman's Boat

The Fisherman’s Boat 

Hello, I am the Fisherman. My hobby is one of the most exciting and at the same time one of the oldest. My fishing rod has not changed much in the thousands of years and the basic problems have remained the same for ages. You must be keen and patient, get up early in the morning and have your fish-hook in the water before sunrise. 

There is nothing an international as the sport of fishing and there is a lot tradition behind it. As early as the Stone Ages men tried to get the fish out of the water using little bone-hooks, later in the Bronze Ages the hooks were made out of metal and nowadays there are all sorts of gimmickry to be found.

Great men like Beethoven, Bismarck, Hermann Löns, Graf Moltke and Richard Wagner were enthusiastic fishermen. It is that certain thrill to be at one with nature, sitting down on the shore and having all the time to think about whatever you want to, that makes hundreds of thousands of Europeans and one in ten americans a fisherman. Does it really matter if the size of the fish gets bigger with every story which is told about it? Fishermen and hunters are masters in storytelling and it may happen that the original fish had the size of a herring and later on turns out the size of a whale...


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