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No 770 Steinbach Smoker Mercator


His real German name was, in fact, Jakob Kramer from Mauth in Bohmerwald. Up there in that deserted, yet romantic forest, the foxes say goodnight during the day and Mother Steinbach resides to this day. He liked to call himself “Mercator” after the great geographer. This name originated from the Latin and reflected his world travels. Jakob could be found at every annual fair and market. He carried a complete market stall, which was huge, on his back. He didn’t need to set up or take down anything so that the costs were minimal. 

People were attracted to him and his stall as he sang rhymes like this: “People bear in mind, that I can’t be too kind. The man from Mauth hasn’t skimped in his wares, So order fast, while the money value lasts.” And of course he was right, our Mercator Jakob, for we have experienced inflation twice already in Germany. Money lost its value overnight. Jakob brought an old mug with the inscription in gold “Carlsbad 1867” (the spa town) to my great-grandmother, so that she could take the waters. This mug has been passed on to me. The mug and Jakob have survived these two periods of inflation and they will continue to survive.


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